WALK Rebranding: Phase ‘W’

Hello, dear holders! This is Team SuperWalk.
Based on the recently shared new vision and roadmap for SuperWalk, we are currently undergoing the WALK Rebranding. We will guide you through the planned and the internal directions that have been set

‘W’ A L K

WALK Rebranding: Phase ‘W’

Chapter . WALK Listing We are actively pursuing the listing of the WALK token, which serves as the utility within the SuperWalk system. This aims to induce external liquidity and significantly foster the stability of the ecosystem in the final stages of rebranding. It is expected to play a crucial role in system maintenance for a successful soft landing of the rebranding.
Chapter . Expansion of M2E Content
The content scheduled for phased release includes 'In-App Events', 'Official Version of TeamWalk', and 'Social Features'. Additionally, we plan to develop further burn content such as ‘Mini Coupon’ and ‘Shoe Revival’, which have recently shown good performance. We are also preparing content expansions for those who have long supported SuperWalk.
(1) Upcoming Content In-app events in SuperWalk are expected to start by April 23rd, following the recent sneak peek, with an event anticipated to begin within a week along with the launch of new types of items.
After the beta phase, the official version of TeamWalk is scheduled to be released within the first half of the year. Based on the feedback from the Beta version, it will incorporate social features like 'Activities with Friends' and 'WALK burning and extra rewards'.
The mentioned social features are also nearing release, starting with 'Making Friends' to facilitate more interaction within the app, aiming to provide an experience where users can compete and exercise together.
(2) Burning Content We plan to consistently increase the actual WALK burning mechanisms through in-app features like ‘Mini-Coupon’ and ‘Shoe Revival’. A total of 2,319,419 WALK has been burned through the actual use of ‘Mini-Coupon’ and ‘Shoe Revival’ features. Additionally, 81 shoes have been burned as materials, and the use of coupons has resulted in 259 shoes being destroyed.
We also plan to periodically conduct burning through unique methods like the WALK raffle for ‘Unique Shoe NFT’, which has been held over two sessions.
Chapter . Transfer Fee Changes
The transfer fees for WALK will be changed. This is also a step in the system overhaul aimed at fostering a stable ecosystem and is absolutely necessary to build a more stable and player-based ecosystem. Details can be checked below.
(Click) Changes in Transfer Fees

WALK Rebranding Goals

The rebranding goals for the WALK token, which holds the utility within the SuperWalk ecosystem, are as follows. 1) Building a sustainable system based on player involvement, 2) Enhancing ecosystem health through rational burning mechanisms. To achieve these goals, the team is preparing to apply specific and feasible rebranding measures as quickly as possible, based on which growth can be fostered.
For a more diverse and stable system construction and ecosystem, changes to the WALK issuance and distribution mechanism are planned.
We will do our best to create stability in the ecosystem and growth in the project through fast and high-quality rebranding.
Thank you.