SuperWalk x Phaver Partnership Celebration Event Announcement

Hello, dear holders! This is Team SuperWalk.
SuperWalk x Phaver Partnership Celebration Event
We are thrilled to announce that SuperWalk has partnership with Phaver, one of the largest SNS dapps in the Web3 ecosystem
To commemorate this partnership, we're launching a special event from Nov 15th to Nov 22nd for Phaver skins and coupon NFTs!
Everyone who participates will have a chance to obtain these limited edition Phaver skins and coupon NFTs!

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Event Prize Details
Exclusive Phaver Skins!
Celebrate the SuperWalk x Phaver partnership with specially crafted limited edition Phaver skins available for everyone!
Grade: Rare
Effect: Energy Boost 5%
Gen0 Upgrade Coupons!
Complete event campaign missions and be in the draw to win Coupon NFTs for 5 lucky participants!
Rare coupon: for 2 winners
Epic coupon: for 3 winners
How to Participate in the Event
Create your Phaver profile and post your workout records!
Download the Phaver app
Create your Phaver profile
Make sure to connect your wallet!
Exercise a minimum of 1km per day for over 5 days using SuperWalk Pro mode!
You must exercise at least 1km each day for a minimum of 5 days to be recognized as a participant!
Share your daily workout record from SuperWalk to the Phaver "SuperWalk" topic daily for the 5 days you exercised!
There must be a total of 5 posts of exercise records, each from different dates!

Hold on Don't forget you can get Phaver points benefits by downloading through the link provided

Hold on Your posts must be uploaded on the SuperWalk topic to be recognized as a participant!

Enter your information in the Google Form!
Enter your SuperWalk E-mail account!
Available under More → View Profile
Enter the wallet address linked to your Phaver profile!

Event Duration Details

Event period: Nov 15, 2023, 20:00 - Nov 22, 2023, 20:00 (UTC+9)
Winner announcement and prize distribution: Nov 22, 2023 - Nov 25, 2023

Event Notices

This event is only open to SuperWalk holders.
Duplicate entries will be excluded when filling out the Google form.
The event is based on UTC+9.
Instructions for using Phaver for participating in the event can be found on the official Phaver website.

Phaver Official Link

For additional inquiries, please use the 1:1 help feature within the app!
Thank you.